Magnet Set (magnet and arrows) $12-14
Magnet Set (magnet and arrows) $12-14

Magnet Set (magnet and arrows) $12-14

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How You Feline? magnet + 4-pack of directional magnet arrows. Includes 4x5.5in scoring pad and instructional card for use. 


Start Conversations

Use this magnet as an ice-breaker or opener about how you or someone else might be feeling - either currently or in response to question prompts. 

Place Magnet Arrows on Magnet Backing

Position arrow magnets on chart in the direction of felt emotions! Arrows should be used to point toward one emotion, different emotions, or no emotions (depending on the strength of each emotion).

Example Questions

How are you feeling today?
How do you feel about work?

Recommended Ages: 7+